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20 years have passed since the establishment of our company, and recently a lot has changed in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Let's Learn about the history and status of these countries, find PR and action guidelines!

The establishment of Risala Tokyo Company began with our involvement in a project to publish "Manga de Manabu Japanese-Arabic Dictionary" for the FIFA Soccer World Cup, which was co-hosted by Japan and South Korea in June 2002. Former Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Japan, His Excellency Mr. Kurdi, who spearheaded the project, returned to Japan before the publication, and Risala Tokyo Co.was established in April 2002 to complete the project.

Our president, Kazuko Tsukamoto, lived in New York for 10 years from 1975, during which time she interacted with and received great support from the multi-ethnic population in the cosmopolitan city. Upon her return to Japan, she used this experience to help Japanese organizations and companies that lacked sufficient information about foreign countries, and promoted PR activities for embassies and organizations in the UK, India, Saudi Arabia, and other countries.

In the 20 years since then, the situation in Asia and Middle East countries has changed and grown dramatically. When I lived in New York, there was no Internet, and documents were sent to Japan by telex. Now, things on the other side of the globe, which may or may not be true, spread on news sites, blogs, Twitter (X), FB, etc. in a matter of minutes or hours. This sense of speed has overtaken mainstream media such as newspapers in Japan. and the information goes online.

Where is the root of thinking and acting on one's own? How will Japan represent its presence to the world? Are we dealing with rapidly changing and growing Asian and Middle Eastern countries, and do we understand those growth changes? Stop looking at countries from above. We need to abandon the perception of a large country, small country, developed country, and backward country, and sincerely deal with them as equal countries. While we are fighting for power domestically, the world is going in a very serious direction.

When I asked James Skinner, a speaker at the Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management, to which I belong, what Japan needs now, his answer was “Fight”. Japan has acquired a 'Windfall' peace that guaranteed security for 77 years after the 2nd World War, and if it does not turn its attention to the difficulties in the world that are now coming, and fight, there will be no future for it. We need to think about "what can be done through PR" and how each of us can think and act on the truth of politics and economics. It is desirable to discuss and promote PR even if we have different opinions.

Japan's elderly population will continue to increase. These people have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Finding something they can do and contributing to society will be a step forward for the future of Japan.

October 2023

Risaalah Tokyo Co., Ltd.

President  Kazuko Tsukamoto
Address:  2-4-22, Yayoicho Bunkyo-ku
 Tokyo Japan 113-0032

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